The world of domains is various. Besides the generic domain endings (gTLD) there are country-related endings too (ccTLD). The following tables give you an overview of all available domain endings.

These tables are pre-sorted by the domain ending (column gTLD or ccTLD). You can also sort the tables by any other column or search for a specific country by typing it in the search-box. The table then updates itself dynamically.

Definition of Terms


We are talking about gTLDs (generic Top-Level-Domain) that are not associated to a specific country and therefore universal. Classic examples are the endings .com/.net/.org. For them there are well known association too (.com = Commercial, .net = Network / .org = Organisation) but it is not related to a state or country.


Every ccTLD (country code Top-Level-Domain) sepcifies the country, in which each registry is based in. So in most cases it is possible to associate ccTLDs to a country, where the country code is being used iso compliant, e.g. “de” for Germany, “at” for Austria or “ch” for Switzerland.


Within a gTLD or ccTLD SLDs (Sub-Level-Domains) can be registered, too. They are preceded to the gTLD / ccTLD and give a distinctive eligible character, e.g. in order to highlight some thematic areas within a domain. At “” within the gTLD “.pro” the SLD “.med” is being used, in order to point out medical contents.

gTLD table

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ccTLD table

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