All of our dedicated servers will only be servers based on professional server hardware from Supermicro. Selecting high quality components guarantee a stable, interruptible and long-life service – just what you neeThe following maximum configuration is currently possible within our offers:

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If none of our offers fits your needs, please contact us. We also assemble individual configurations, that perfectly identify with your requirements.

Some highlights of our server offers:
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  • [EXPAND incl. 100/1000 MBit Switchport]
    All of our servers get a dedicated switch-port within our switching-infrastructre in which we only use Cisco, HP or Foundry
  • [EXPAND incl. 100/1000 MBit bandwidth guarantee]
    Every server can burst up its port up to the booked data-rate and does not share this with other customers. By doing so we ensure optimal response times at any time
  • [EXPAND incl. IPMI access]
    The IPMI feature allows you to control your server at any time. You can power-cycle the server as well as control it via the included KVM function up to bios level
  • [EXPAND incl. 99,9% uptime guarantee for power and IP]
    We guarantee an availabilty of 99,9% per year for power as well as for internet connection. Not included is any kind of scheduled maintenance
  • [EXPAND incl. 24/7 Support in case of a problem]
    Our 24/7 on-site support can operate very fast in case there is a problem with either your server or the infrastructure. Short response times allow a rapid debugging
  • [EXPAND incl. redundant power- and network-connection]
    All servers are being connected with two power supply units from two different power feeds as well as they are being connected redundant to our networking infrastructire in order to provide a maximum level of reliability
  • [EXPAND incl. custom operating systems]
    You are not restricted to a standard operating system. You tell us, what you want to use – and we do so