Privacy Policy of IPFFM Internet Provider Frankfurt GmbH
Version: Mai 2012

§ 1 Elicitating personal data
In order to provide you our contractual services, the company

IPFFM Internet Provider Frankfurt GmbH
Kruppstr. 105
60388 Frankfurt am Main
Fax: 069 / 38076616 – 9
HRB 93390, Court of Registry: Frankfurt am Main
Managing Director: Jerome Eichler

– hereinafter IPFFM –

ascertains, processes and uses the name, address, phone and fax number, date of birth and the email address of the user as well as the ip address of its device. (hereinafter “personal data”).

§ 2 Reason of Elicitation, Processing and Usage
(1) IPFFM ascertains, processes and uses personaldata only in order to allow the user an order and to receive contractual services through the website of IPFFM.

(2) Personal data will be only stored and processed on servers under control of IPFFM in Frankfurt am Main. Personal data will only be forwarded to third parties,when this is neccessary to provide services, e.g. when registering a domain name at DENIC eG or when registering ip addresses at RIPE. Additionally and upon request personal data will be submitted to authorized government agencies or law enforcement authorities in case of misuse of the services, in particular made of a burglary attempt. The data will not be used by IPFFM for use in the third party interest.

(3) IPFFM uses „Cookies“ in order to verify the users authentication when accessing the requested services.

§ 3 Privacy Protection
IPFFM is commited to protect the users privacy and guarantees to ascertain, process and use personal data only according to the federal data protection law and the tele media law and only to process and use them for the reasons stated in § 2. IPFFM will commit its employees accordingly.

§ 4 Rights of the User
The user has according to the federal data protection law the rights of information, modification and deletion. These rights need to be exercised by a posted message or by an electronic message to the contact person mentioned in § 7. The user can review the content of his agreement at every time at

§ 5 Agreement
When the user agrees to the conditions of this statement, he agrees to the controlled usage of personal data. The agreement or its refusal is made by putting a checkmark either in the field “yes” or “no”. The agreement or the refusal are logged; its content is available for review to the user at any time. The user has the right to revoke his agreement at any time.

§ 6 Payment management
To manage payments additional personal data (e.g. bank details) are being ascertained, processed and used.

§ 7 Contact person
The contact person for all privacy related questions and requests as wells as to handle the rights mentioned in § 4 is:

Jerome Eichler, Managing Director of IPFFM GmbH
Kruppstr. 105
60388 Frankfurt am Main
Fax: 069 / 38076616 – 9